In the capacity of Chief Cardiologist and Chairman of Cardiovascular Services at the Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr. Grant combines his own medical expertise along with the unsurpassed infrastructural capabilities of the Ruby Hall clinic to offer unparalleled cardiac care facilities to his patients.

With comprehensive diagnostic facilities and immaculate procedural know-how Dr. Grant has helmed the Ruby Hall Clinic to its rightful place as a premiere cardiac care centre.

Adult Cardiology

With all the advances in the medical field, especially cardiac medicine, many of the previously life threatening conditions are now reversible. And it is safe to say that Dr. Grant has contributed significantly to this phenomenon.

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Heart ailments are often thought of as an affliction of the adults. But unfortunately, children too suffer from, for no fault of their own, serious, and even life threatening cardiac conditions. Therefore Dr. Grant deemed it necessary that the Ruby Hall Clinic.

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Effective treatment is entirely dependent on efficient diagnosis. So, it is only natural that Dr. Grant has laid special emphasis on Ruby Hall’s comprehensive cardiac imaging services.

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Dr. Grant has more than 120 international publications to his name. check out his work here.

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