Adult Cardiology

With all the advances in the medical field, especially cardiac medicine, many of the previously life threatening conditions are now reversible. And it is safe to say that Dr. Grant has contributed significantly to this phenomenon. Just as the innumerable research papers authored by him have helped the medical faculty, his personal expertise has helped the patients of Ruby Hall.

From complex hybrid aortic aneurysm interventions to minimally invasive cardiac operations, Dr. Grant’s proficiency is what differentiates cardiac care in the Ruby Hall clinic from all other cardiac care centres.Be it percutaneous valve therapy, transmyocardial laser revascularization, or an off-pump coronary artery bypass, you can be assured that we have the requisite expertise as well as the necessary infrastructure at hand.

His expertise includes

  • Complex angioplasty procedures like Chronic Total Occlusion
  • Balloon valvotomy
  • Pulmonary Embolectomy
  • Percutaneous aortic aneurysm repair & stentinng
  • Septal ablation
  • Sub-intimal angioplasty

But his greatest contribution to cardiac care is undoubtedly the emphasis he lays on prevention of cardiac disease. His lifestyle modification and coronary artery disease prevention programs are what differentiate him from regular cardiologists and make him a true care giver.