Ruby Hall Clinic Launches India’s First Next Generation CT Scanner

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Pune, 10th April 2015: Ruby Hall Clinic proudly announces the installation and launch of its new CT Scanner- the Philips Ingenuity Elite 128 Slice CT which offers high resolution imaging coupled with a significantly reduced radiation dose and lower noise. The launch of this cutting-edge technology – a first in India further strengthens the hospital’s commitment to provide the highest standards in patient care along with world class equipment.

Inaugurated by Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla, Chairman and MD, Serum Institute of India – the Philips Ingenuity Elite 128 Slice CT scanner has set a new standard in digital imaging. Completing a whole body scan in under twenty seconds, the machine produces high definition images which enables doctors to see even the smallest and thinnest vessels in any part of the body. The technology also allows for faster scanning time. Dr Joshita Singh, Head of Department-Radiology explains, “The scanner is of tremendous benefit to our patients. We’re able to scan the patients from head to toe in a matter of seconds, reducing their time on the table, stress and anxiety. This particular scanner also creates high resolution images at low radiation dose to patients thus aiding clinicians with the diagnosis and also allows for low dose paediatric imaging.”

The Philips CT scanner is excellent for neurology, cardiac, spinal and abdominal scanning as well as peripheral angiograms. Improved contrast enhancement helps view minute details such as cardiac bypass grafts and vascular structures in the lungs. CT coronary angiogram provides excellent visualisation of the coronary arteries which will enable doctors to effectively diagnose coronary artery disease. The scanner also comes with software such as liver segmentation analysis, orthopaedic metal artefact reduction, bone removal, virtual colonoscopy and perfusion imaging.

With the ability to produce high-end imagery, Philips has been rated the number one imaging equipment vendor. The CT scanner also has the advantage of offering a much lower radiation dose – upto 80 percent lower as compared to conventional CT scanners with the iDose4 technique. Ruby Hall Clinic believes that this new scanner will provide the hospital’s patients with the very best service available, as well as providing clinicians with outstanding visual referencing.

Mr Bomi Bhote, CEO Ruby Hall Clinic states, “Every month, the hospital conducts approximately 750 CT Scans. The launch of this state-of-the-art technology will help fulfil our endeavour of providing our doctors and their patients with the finest cardiac, neuro and body CT imaging, reported by our team of experienced specialist radiologists. It is indeed a moment of pride and rest assured, there will be many more to come.”

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