Dr. Purvez Grant


Timings : Mon – Sat : 10.00am – 2.00pm

Address: Ruby Hall Clinic 40, Sassoon Road, Pune – 411001.

Tel Ph. : 009120 26163391

Email : purvez_grant@hotmail.com

In Emergency Call

Name : Dr. Sandeep Munot (Asst to Dr. P.K.Grant)

Cell : +91 9960067000 / 7588022500

Diagnostic Centres

Over 45 international Cardiology meetings have been organised by Dr. P.K. Grantat the Ruby Hall clinic. He has also organised two world congresses in Mumbai. Dr. Grant has performed angioplasties that were beamed live at the World Conference of Cardiology, Singapore, in 2005. He has conducted workshops from Pune

Dr. Grant has set up diagnostic centres fully equipped with MRI and CT scan facilities in Karad, Satara, Ahmednagar and 20 other cities in Maharashtra and Karnataka. This is with the aim of effective cost cutting and also time saving that would be lost in travelling for such basic but important needs.

He has also set up the Amby Valley Medical Project in Lonavala.

Effective treatment is entirely dependent on efficient diagnosis. So, it is only natural that Dr. Grant has laid special emphasis on Ruby Hall’s comprehensive cardiac imaging services. We provide everything from a diagnostic angiography to

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With all the advances in the medical field, especially cardiac medicine, many of the previously life threatening conditions are now reversible. And it is safe to say that Dr. Grant has contributed significantly to this phenomenon. Just as the innumerable research papers authored by him have helped the medical faculty, his personal expertise has helped the patients of Ruby Hall.

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Heart ailments are often thought of as an affliction of the adults. But unfortunately, children too suffer from, for no fault of their own, serious, and even life threatening cardiac conditions. Therefore Dr. Grant deemed it necessary that the Ruby Hall Clinic have a dedicated paediatric cardiology unit.

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About Dr. P.K.Grant

“The life so short, the craft so long to learn.”
― Hippocrates

Knowledge, experience, and skill are undoubtedly the most important qualities a doctor needs to possess. As is compassion. But rarely are all these four found in a single individual. This is why Dr. P.K. Grant belongs to such a rare breed of doctors.

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